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Beijing Olympic City Development Foundation’s Second Board of Directors Holds Second Meeting

The Beijing Olympic City Development Foundationheld its second meeting for the second board of directors at Conference Room305 of the Foundation on the morning of September 13, 2016. Eleven peopleattended the meeting, including Director Zhang Fengchao, DeputyDirector Pan Liqun and Chief Supervisor Wu Weilin among other directors andsupervisors. Staff from the Foundation’s office and legal and financedepartment also observed the meeting.

During the meeting, Zhang briefed on the workreport from the first half of 2016 and the key work points for the second half.All the participating directors and supervisors fully recognised theachievements of the Foundation during the first half of the year. The workreport from the first half of 2016 was reviewed and approved, while that forthe second half of the year was passed in principle. It has been agreed withthe show of hands that the Foundation will apply for recognition as a charity basedon stipulations found in Charity Law ofthe People’s Republic of China.

In the face of new situations, the Foundation willpromptly adjust its work and stream of thoughts during the second half of theyear. It will actively employ its subjective initiative and enrich its work to supportthe World Winter Sports (Beijing) Expo, besides contributing to the preparationfor the Winter Olympics.

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