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17 Outstanding Works to Compete for Guirlande d’Honneur in Milan

Selection for the12th Beijing International Sports Film Week and the 34th MilanoInternational FICTS Fest took place at the standard cinema of Central NewsDocumentary Group during August 11-12, 2016.

Representatives from the memberunits of the organising committee, along with experts and judges from thesports and film industries, closely analysed 67 sports films and televisionproductions that made it to the finals. A total of 17 works ineight categorieswere selected to represent the Beijing leg of the Fest and compete in Milan forthe Guirlande d’Honneur award, the so-called “Sports Oscars”.

Judges watching the shortlistedworks

A new session, titled “Selection by Media Representatives”,was added to this edition of the film week, so as to encourage sportsfilms and television productions and enhance the influence of participatingworks, whose result will be unveiled during the film week.

Expert Adjudicators for This Year:

The 12th BeijingInternational Sports Film Week received more than a hundred sports-themed filmand television productions from home and abroad, including exquisitely-producedoutstanding works fully showcasing the Olympic Spirit. Improvement in the overallproduction standard has drastically increased the level of competition amongthe productions. We wish all the best to the works that made it to the finalsat the 34th Milano International FICTS Fest. We are also grateful toeach production unit and sector of the society for rendering continuous supportfor Beijing International Sports Film Week.

Following a heated discussionamong the experts,

the final list of selected worksof the 12th Beijing International Sports Film Week is as follows:

Main events at the12thBeijing International Sports Film Week will kick off in October, when we willbring rich and colourful sports-themed film, television and cultural events forour viewers, besides showcasing outstanding sports-themed film and televisionproductions from home and abroad. So, stay tuned!

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