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Invitational Football Games of “Olympic City Cup” 2016 Kick Off

The “Olympic City Cup” 2016 for invitational footballgames of schools in Beijing and Hebei Province, co-organised by the BeijingOlympic City Development Association (BODA) and the Office of the Leading WorkGroup of School Youth Football in Beijing and supported by Beijing MediaNetwork, started at the Olympic Sports Centre Stadium in Beijing on August 8.Liu Jingmin, Standing Vice-President of BODA, opened the game with a kickoff.

Being a part of the Olympic education series for Beijing’sschools, titled “Sport, Happiness & Health”, the event aims at promoting thecoordinated development of youth football in Beijing and Hebei Province. Asmany as 24 teams from Tianjin and Hebei Province were invited and divided intothree categories to compete during August 8-10. The event has been included inthe ‘Super Cup’ events of public football in Beijing.

“Sport, Happiness & Health”,the Olympic education series for Beijing’s schools, is co-organised by BODA, BeijingMunicipal Education Commission, Beijing Municipal Bureau of Sports and BeijingCommittee of the Communist Youth League. It is a flagship project for theOlympic City that combines Olympic education, quality education for the youth, socialwelfare and international communication. The project aims at launching Olympiceducation and spreading the Olympic Spirit while promoting the comprehensivedevelopment of the youth through holding sports competitions and organising eventson arts and culture and international communication. Since its launch in 2010,the organising committee has been continuing to enrich its contents andinnovate in the event formats, which is experiencing a growing event scale andsocial influence. To date, the event has been joined by about 200,000 youthfrom over 1,000 schools around Beijing. Moreover, the Olympic education serieshas been incorporated into the school life of students in Beijing and plays an active role in the healthy development of the youth.

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