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Preparations for the Winter Olympics: an interview with Jiang Xiaoyu

OnAugust 3, 2016, Jiang Xiaoyu, Deputy Chairman of Beijing Olympic CityDevelopment Association (BODA), and Xu Zhou, Vice President of InternationalData Group (Asia), were jointly interviewed by people.com, China Sports Daily,sina.com, to give an update on Beijing’s efforts in passing on Olympic heritageand fostering city development, as well as the preparations for the WorldWinter Sports (Beijing) Expo 2016 (“Winter Expo”).

JiangXiaoyu says that the Winter Expo is a high-end international exhibition foundedin Beijing featuring winter sports and the ice and snow industries. It is oneof the key programs launched by the Beijing Municipal Government for expeditingthe development of ice and snow sports between 2016 and 2022 and will bejointly hosted by BODA and the IDG. The first Winter Expo will be held at theChina National Convention Center on October 19-22, 2016.

JiangXiaoyu says that when hosting the Winter Expo we will, on one hand, honor ourpromise to the IOC and on the other, stay aligned with the strategies forcoordinated development of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region to facilitate theadvancement of ice and snow industries in China, raise public awareness ofwinter sports and the Winter Olympics and encourage more people to getinvolved, thereby creating a perfect atmosphere for the general public to getinvolved and support the Winter Olympics.

Accordingto Xu Zhou, the first Winter Expo will consist of exhibitions, summits andrelated events and cover winter sports, ice and snow industry, winter tourismand youth training. Starting from 2016, the Winter Expo will be held once ayear and the plan is to shape the Winter Expo into an important platform for interfacingwith international winter sports resources and drive up the ice and snowindustries in China. As of now, leasing and invitation efforts have officiallykicked off.

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