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The First “Olympic City Cup” International Youth Ice Hockey Invitational Tournament Takes Place in Beijing

FromJuly 17 to 19, the first “Olympic City Cup” Beijing International Youth Ice HockeyInvitational Tournament took place at Beijing Haotai Ice Sports Center. A totalof seven teams, including youth ice hockey teams from the US, Finland, Sweden,Czech, Russia, and Beijing, competed in the event in two groups — U12 and U14.

Duringthe competition, the organizers arranged wide-ranging cultural exchangeactivities for the players.

Thetournament was jointly hosted by the Beijing Olympic City DevelopmentAssociation (BODA) and Beijing Ice Hockey Association. According to the organisers,this tournament is the first high-level international youth ice hockey eventever held in Beijing. The purpose of the event is to enable the young residentsof Beijing a chance to compete with top overseas teams without the need totravel, for them to enhance their skills and to attract more youths to partake inice hockey, thereby advancing the ice hockey sport in Beijing. The goal of theorganizers is to grow the “Olympic City Cup” International Youth Ice Hockey InvitationalTournament into the biggest international youth ice hockey event in Asia.

In2014, BODA carried out over 30 Olympics education events around the theme ofWinter Olympics by consolidating youth sports event resources across the city’seducation and sports systems, featuring two main themes — “running, sports,growth” and “support the bid for the Olympic Winter Games to live the Chinesedream” — and incorporated this into the “Sport, Happiness & Health” Olympiceducation series for primary and secondary schools in Beijing. The activitiesincluded campus basketball, intellectual sports, traditional national sports,trekking contest, “My Olympics” youth experience camp, and also footballteacher training, campus football match, “Olympic City Cup” youth footballchampionship, family football carnival, among other football-themed activities.City-wide primary and secondary school students were organized to take part inphotography and painting, on-campus access to Winter Olympics knowledge, skiingcontest, Olympic education winter camp, among others, in support of the bid forthe 2022 Olympic Winter Games.

“Sport,Happiness & Health” Olympic education series for primary and secondaryschools in Beijing is an Olympic city brand program jointly hosted by BODA,Beijing Municipal Education Commission, Beijing Municipal Bureau of Sports andBeijing Youth League, integrating Olympics education, competence-orientededucation for youths, public benefit and international communication. Thepurpose is to foster all-rounded youth development through Olympic educationand the teaching of the Olympic spirit via sports competition, culture &art and international communication. Since its launch in 2010, the organizingcommittee has constantly expanded the contents of the event and innovated theformat in which the activities were carried out, continuously expanding thescale and public influence of the event. To date, some 200,000 youths(person-time) from around 1,000 primary and secondary schools across the cityhave taken part in the activities. “Sport, Happiness, & Health” Olympiceducation series has been integrated into the on-campus life of primary andsecondary school students in Beijing, playing a positive role in the healthydevelopment of youths.

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