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“Olympics at Source of Pearl River” Event Launches during Qujing International Highland Sports Season in Yunnan Province

On June 25, Qujing International OlympicCulture Festival — jointly hosted by the Qujing Municipal Government, BeijingOlympic City Development Fund, and Samaranch Foundation in partnership withQujing Culture and Sports Bureau, Qujing Culture, Sports and Tourism IndustrialInvestment Management Limited — and a series of events were held at the Cultureand Sports Park in Qujing. The purpose of the festival is to further integratesports culture into the culture of the city of Qujing to promote the city andelevate Qujing’s brand and influence. More importantly, the event will offeressential cultural backings to building the “China-Qujing internationalhighland sports town” and disseminating sports culture and the Olympic spirit,thereby injecting new vitality to the integrated advancement of Qujing’sculture and sports endeavors and industries.

The event consisted of the opening ceremonyof the Never-Ending Passion exhibition during the Qujing International HighlandSports Season and the unveiling ceremony of “Pierre de Coubertin” sculpture,Qujing happy family running 2016, “Bridge of love”. Dong Baotong, Mayor ofQujing, Zhang Xiangming, Vice Mayor, Zhang Fengchao, Director General ofBeijing Olympic City Development Fund, Yan Jianchang, Secretary General ofSamaranch Foundation, Wu Weilin, Head of the Board of Supervisors of BeijingOlympic City Development Fund, Yuan Xikun, member of the CPPCC Standing Committee,Director of Beijing Jintai Gallery, renowned installations artist and the firstto be granted the title “environment protection art maestro” by the UnitedNations, and officials of Qujing Culture and Sports Bureau and the Malong CountyGovernment, attended the opening ceremony.

The Pierre de Coubertin sculpture unveiledby mayor Dong Baotong and Mr. Yuan Xikun is located in the central plaza of theCulture and Sports Park. It is a work by Yuan Xikun and one of the only twopieces anywhere in the country. The sculpture has high artistic value and hasbecome a special sight at the park and injected cultural significance into thedevelopment of “international highland sports town”.

The “Never-Ending Passion” cultural exhibition includes five chapters,namely ancient Olympics, modern Olympic Games and Olympic Winter Games, Qujingand the Olympic Games, and top events at Culture and Sports park, and uses over200 images to give a straightforward and lively presentation of its uniquecultural charisma. On this visit by the Olympics to Qujing, a host of Olympicmedalists including Li Zewen, Cai Zelin, Li Ji, Deng Haiyang, Li Jianbo, ZhaoChengliang will further integrate sports culture into the culture of Qujing topromote the city and elevate Qujing’s brand, prestige and influence as a city, andoffer essential cultural support for building “international highland sportstown of Qujing, China” and disseminating sports culture and the Olympic spirit.

As a key component to the Qujing OlympicCulture Festival, the first happy family running event in Qujing unveiled atCulture and Sports Park on the same morning. Qujing Happy Family Running 2016is a 5-km mini-marathon participated by families under the theme of public engagementin the Olympic Winter Games. Some 400 people from more than 130 families whohave travelled from across the province took part in the mini-marathon. Aseries of warming-up activities, including cosplay show, somatosensory games, andhoops shooting, were conducted on site to spice up the atmosphere.

In the afternoon, Zhang Fengchao, Yan Jianchang and Wu Weilin and othersvisited Dalongjing primary school of Tongquan township in Malong County toattended the “Bridge of Love” public-benefit donation event held by the SamaranchFoundation. Faculty members and students of the primary school received over200 sets of sports equipment donated by Samaranch Foundation.

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