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Primary Significance of the Olympic Winter Games Beijing 2022 for Xi Jinping

Xinhuanet.com - The “unparalleled” Summer Olympics Beijing 2008 realiseda longstanding dream of the Chinese nation, besides greatly boosting thepeople’s collective morale and gathering tremendous force for the Chinese nationto continue its journey towards building a socialist country.

Today’s China hasevolved to be the world’s largest trading nation and the second largest economy.On July 31, 2015, Beijing succeeded in its bid to host the 2022 WinterOlympics. Beijingcapital of China and an ancient metropolis oforiental civilizationis to become the first city to host both Summerand Winter Olympic Games, which is a matter of utmost honour for the Chinesenation. The Winter Olympics and Paralympics appears to be constantly on ChinesePresident Xi Jinping’s mind as he has mentioned Olympic Winter Games Beijing2022 five times in seven months since the successful bid.

On March 18, 2016, Xi Jinping, General Secretary ofthe Chinese Communist Party, President of China and Chairman of China’s CentralMilitary Commission, presided over a meeting held at Zhongnanhai. He wasbriefed on the progress of preparations for the Beijing Winter Olympics andParalympics while he also addressed the attendees on the occasion.

On July 31, 2015,the International Olympic Committee (IOC) voted to grant Beijing the right tohost the 2022 Winter Olympics. Xi Jinping wrote to IOC President Thomas Bach toexpress his appreciation for the trust and long-term support extended by theIOC. He also sent a congratulatory letter to the delegation of the Beijing 2022Bid Committee.

On August 20, 2015,Xi Jinping presided over a meeting of the Standing Committee of the CPC CentralCommittee Political Bureau. On the occasion, he was briefed on the process ofthe bid for the 2022 Winter Olympics and the related preparations. At themeeting, Xi proposed several requirements for hosting a green, shared, open andhonest edition of the Olympic Games.

On November 13,2015, Xi Jinping gave important instructions on the preparations for theOlympic and Paralympic Winter Games Beijing 2022, stressing that organisation andleadership should be reinforced to centrally roll out all tasks, so as todeliver a fantastic, extraordinary and excellent edition of the Games.

Shortly after thisyear’s session of National People’s Congress (NPC) and the Chinese People’sPolitical Consultative Conference (CPPCC), Xi Jinping presided over a meetingat Zhongnanhai on March 18. He was briefed about the progress of preparationsfor the Games. Addressing the meeting, he stressed upon the “immense significanceand responsibility associated with properly preparing for the Olympic WinterGames Beijing 2022.”

In the descriptionof his approaches and ideals for the state and political governance, PresidentXi pays special attention to the word “spirit”, which is defined by a myriad ofprecious spiritual treasures comprising the national spirit, revolutionaryspirit and fighting spirit, giving equal importance to the heritage and needfor further advancement. This approach is strongly reflected by the level ofattention he placed on it during the September 3 military parade in 2015.President Xi may have meant many things when he said that the Olympic andParalympic Winter Games Beijing 2022 are of “tremendous significance”. Learning China is of the opinion that heprimarily meant reinvigorating the national spirit for unifying and aligningthe people of China, besides gathering up resources for developing acomprehensively well-off society alongside the great rejuvenation of theChinese nation.

On February 7, 2014, Xi Jinping, General Secretaryof the Chinese Communist Party, President of China and Chairman of China’sCentral Military Commission, visited the Chinese sports delegation competing atthe 22nd Winter Olympics in Sochi. Xi is seen having a friendly chatwith the athletes.

The national spiritdefines the character of a nation and the direction in which it evolves. Theinternet has transformed today’s highly integrated world into a global village.However, in the pursuit of a comprehensively well-off society and the greatrejuvenation of the Chinese nation, the great national spirit that centres onpatriotism will remain to be our inspiration and backbone which supports us tostand upright and overcome all hardships and impediments. No strong nation inthe world plays down patriotism. For a country like China, which is yet toreclaim its past glory, patriotism is of particular importance. The Chinesepeople are going through the initial phase of the “13th Five-YearPlan”, which marks a key moment in the journey towards a comprehensively well-offsociety and national rejuvenation. At the same time, we are surrounded by asluggish world economy coupled with manifold uncertainties and sternchallenges.

Some countries withulterior motives are trying to “push China into a corner” through using politicalrhetoric and spreading rumours about “China crush” and “China threat”. Allthese unprecedented difficulties and challenges facing China that wants nothingbut peaceful development serve as a warning that the journey to our dreams isby no means an uneventful one, and the realisation of national rejuvenationwill be an uphill battle.

By 2022, theglorious flame of Winter Olympics will shine in China, a country which has succeededin delivering a comprehensively well-off society to its ancient-cum-modern nation,which is rapidly advancing on the path to the great national rejuvenation underthe leadership of the Chinese Communist Party.

President Xi hasplaced so much attention to the Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympics becausecrucial times call for the reinvigoration of the Chinese collective spirit, soas to gather strengths and resources to make the Chinese dream a reality. Successfullyhosing the Winter Olympics will be a golden opportunity for the aforesaidmotive. After being briefed about the progress of the preparations for theBeijing Winter Olympics and Paralympics on March 18, Xi Jinping started hisaddress by pointing out that hosting Winter Olympics in Beijing, which will be watchedby the entire world, was bound to greatly reinvigorate the national spirit,besides unifying the Chinese people from all corners of the world for the greatrejuvenation of the Chinese nation. He added that the hosting will also helpfurther present China’s accomplishments to the world with respect to the country’sreform and opening-up initiative along with peaceful development propositions.

On February 7, 2014, Xi Jinping, General Secretaryof the Chinese Communist Party, President of China and Chairman of China’sCentral Military Commission, visited the Chinese sports delegation competing atthe 22nd Winter Olympics in Sochi.

The Winter Olympicsand Paralympics is a world-class sports event that incorporates the spirits of athleticism,nationalism and internationalism, embodying world peace, friendship and unity.The Olympic Charter points out that the Olympic spirit is the spirit of mutualunderstanding, friendship, unity and fair competition. During his speech at the1936 Olympics, the founder of modern Olympics Coubertin said:“What’s important about Olympics is not winning but participating. The essenceto life is not asking for things but to fight for it.” The Olympics spiritoriginated in the ancient Greek civilization and is closely linked to theChinese civilization whose resplendence has lasted 5,000 years. The Chinesenation has always aspired for world peace and harmony. Xi Jinping pointed out, “Chinawill stick to the course of peaceful development, deepen its reform andopening-up efforts, strive to realise the Chinese dream of the greatrejuvenation of the Chinese nation, and further the noble cause of peace andadvancement of humanity.” During an interview by a US journalists, he stressed,“The Chinese dream is aimed at achieving a wealthy and powerful state,rejuvenated nation and well-off people. It is a dream of peace, development,collaboration and win-win. It is connected to the people’s dreams across theworld, including the American dream.”

For China, winningthe right to host the Winter Olympics symbolises a new start. In the six yearsof preparing for the Olympic event starting from now, ‘oriental miracles’ areabout to take place on the land of ancient Chinaonethat is full of dreams. Under the Party’s leadership and the guidance of fivemain development philosophies (innovation, coordination, greenness, opennessand sharing), the pursuits will carry on in the strategic direction of thegreat Chinese dream of national rejuvenation. As the state becomes wealthy andpowerful and its people well-off and happy, the Chinese nation will also leadthe way in world collaboration, peaceful development and sustainable growth whilstdelivering to the world a marvellous, outstanding and excellent Olympic event.The Chinese people will build a more comfortable home with balanced growth and wealthierlife!

From 2008 to 2022,from summer to winter, the ancient Chinese will compile an eternal chapter inthe 21st century history of Olympics. In six years’ time, theOlympic torch will be lit in China once again. The country and its diligent andintelligent people, standing at a new starting point of a comprehensively well-offsociety, will present to the world a Winter Olympics gala full of marvel!

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