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First Snowball War Held in Beijing

The firstsnowball war, themed as “Passion of Ice and Snow Supports Winter Olympics”, washeld on February 20 at the ski ring to the north of the National Stadium (Bird’sNest). The event was sponsored by Beijing Olympic City Development Associationand hosted by Topool Four Seasons Sports Entertainment (Beijing) Limited inpartnership with Andegu (Shenzhen) Cultural and Sports Facilities ServicesLimited.

The event waslicensed by Beijing Weiming Yangguang Sports Consulting Limited, which also gaveinstructions on game rules. Rigour Tech provided the game with eagle eye videosupport.

The event provideda lot of people a chance to relate to Winter Olympics through getting involvedin fun-filled activities related to winter sports. While supporting the causefor the Olympic Winter Games Beijing 2022, the event promoted the initiative of“encouraging 300 million people to participate in snow sports”.

Snowball fight,as we all know it, has evolved from a children’s pastime to an accessible, safeand healthy sport for adults. Presently, even some international events arededicated to the sport. This year’s snowball fight attracted eight teams,including Beijing Guoyuan Sports and Culture Investment Limited. The contendersshowcased their youthful passion for the game, painting a nice backdrop to themuch anticipated staging of the Winter Olympics.

“Heated” rivalry

Battlefield of youthful passion

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