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“Olympic City Cup” School Mind Sports Games Conclude Successfully

The “Olympic City Cup”Beijing School Mind Sports Games 2015 successfully concluded in the BeijingPolytechnic gymnasium on December 27, 2015.

Thisedition of the games included five sports, namely bridge, chess, draughts, goand Chinese chess. Over 20,000 students from 305 schools in 16 districts inBeijing participated in the event.

The1,600-square metre event venue was filled with tables and chairs on the day ofthe event while the spectator stands were packed to capacity with thousands ofviewers. Students, teachers and parents all gathered at the venue to share thejoy of participating in mind sports.

Toattract more students to partake in the mind sports games, some schools organised“sub-events”, which allowed students from outskirts to join this high-standardevent at their doorsteps.

Mindsports games are events which offer competition in thinking, judgment anddetermination. During the process of learning and competing, skills, such asresource allocation, risk management and decisiveness, are fostered. Theydemand searching for solutions in adverse situations, while honing one’s attitudein good times and passing on the local and foreign cultural heritage of chessand card games.

Mind Sports Games were initiated by Beijing Olympic City DevelopmentAssociation in 2011. They are a key component of the Olympic educational eventseries in schools in Beijing and represent the successful practice of incorporatingOlympic Education in basic education. Mind Sports Games enjoy a solidfoundation and rapid development. The number of the games’ participants multipliedfrom the initial couple of thousands to well over 20,000 in 2015, making them themost influential sporting event among schools in Beijing with the highestparticipation rate.

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