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The Candidate Sports Vying for the Inclusion in 2020 Olympic Games Have Been Determined


July 29 (China News Agency) – The IOC Executive Board decided to list wrestling, baseball and softball, and squash as the candidate sports vying for the inclusion in 2020 Olympic Games after several rounds of voting in St. Petersburg on July 29, which would be recommended to the IOC Session in September for inclusion. The meeting would select one sport to be included into 2020 Olympics Games. The five alternative sports of Wushu, Karate, sport climbing, roller sports, and wakeboarding failed the inclusion of the Olympics Games.  

The world opinion commented: This result was equivalent to the self-contradiction to the IOC. Forced by pressure from all sides, they reluctantly rejected the decision made three months ago. If wrestling win in the Session in September, the original intention of adding a new sport of the IOC would fall through.  

When the IOC Executive Board decided to cut down wrestling in 2020 Olympic Games in February, FILA immediately convened a special session to discuss the countermeasures. The Swiss president resigned to assume responsibility and the Serbs Nenad Lalovic was elected as the temporary president.

After serving as the temporary president, Nenad Lalovic met with Rogge, and set out a series of reform measures of FILA, which was accepted by Rogge.

The powerful countries of wrestling, such as United States, Russia, Iran, and Turkey also made joint efforts, and they even moved the press conference site of games to the United Nations Headquarters. The UN officials from Russia and Iran came to support the wrestling to stay in the Olympics Games.

In internal reforms and external support, IOC Executive Board first gave out the “Finals Permit” to wrestling. In this regard, Nenad Lalovic who was nervous and sweated on the head said, “The game is not over, we originally have seven opponents, and now there are two left”.

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