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Jacques Rogge: What’s Important is Ability


Geneva, July 11 (AFP) – The next President of the International Olympic Committee was set to be elected in Buenos Aires, Argentina in September. Jacques Rogge, the current President of IOC, said that he did not think the candidates out of Europe had the advantage for this election.  

In the 119-year history of the International Olympic Committee, only one president came from the country out of Europe: Avery Brundage, the American people, who served as the president from 1952to 1972. In recent years, more people have wanted to select the IOC president from countries outside of Europe. But Rogge did not agree, he did not think the origin was important, but he agreed to “what’s important is ability.”

Rogge said in an interview: “The committee members will select the most suitable person for leading the International Olympic Committee as the new president, and we will not select him because of his nationality or his coming from a certain continent.”

There were six candidates: Thomas Bach, the German and IOC Vice President; Sergey Bubka, the famous pole vault player in Ukrainian and the member of the IOC Executive Committee; Richard Carrión, the banker in Puerto Rico and the president of IOC finance committee; Ser Miang Ng, the Singaporean and the IOC Vice President; Denis Oswald, the Switzer and the member of the IOC Executive Committee; and Ching-Kuo Wu, the Taiwanese, the member of the IOC Executive Committee, and the president of International Boxing Federation.

It was rumored that Sheikh Ahmad Al Fahad Al-Sabah, the president of ANOC would play a decisive role in the election. Rogge refutes this view that he did not think such a thing will happen, and he thought that as the president of ANOC, Al-Sabah had done a lot of great work. And the International Olympic Committee, ANOC and the Olympic Committees in different countries and regions were all united as one.

Rogge said that he would not step into the issues related to the IOC after the election, and he thought that it was quite unwise to intervene in the present president as a former president.

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