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Tokyo Bids for 2020 Summer Olympics, Jacques Rogge Avoids Substantial Topics


Japan, July 11 (Jnocnews) – The activity for Tokyo’s bidding for the 2020 Summer Olympics has entered the critical stage. In the three left candidate cities, Tokyo, Istanbul, and Madrid all have their own advantages. On July 10, Rogge said in an interview that there were not much difference among the three cities, and there was bound to be a fierce competition.    

When mention the situation of each city, Rogge said that Tokyo had provided the police support and financial support, Tokyo had made huge efforts after the tsunami. Istanbul benefited more from its geographical location of locating at the junction of Asia and Europe, which could not be ignored. Madrid had prepared everything… All the three cities had their own characteristics.

Rogge said that all the countries could fully understand it in the understanding of the reforms implemented by the International Olympic Committee, referring to the issue of wrestling’s not being the official event in 2020 Olympic Games.

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