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Madrid 2020 Olympic Bid President Optimistic Political Problems won’t Hurt


The President of the bid by Madrid to host the 2020 Olympic Games highlights the unity of everyone behind the bid and its distance from any political party as reasons why ongoing political problems in Spain should not overly damage Madrid’s Olympic dream, Agencia EFE reported on July 30.

A series of corruption scandals include the Barcenas scandal and that the ruling Popular Party are implicated for receiving illegal payments over a long period of time.

“This candidacy is separate from the political world as we believe that sport is the most important thing, Madrid’s Olympic dream is a beacon for unity in a country badly affected by the economic crisis. 81 percent of Spaniards support the candidacy and our strength is a project that is supported by politicians, unions, the people, and the world of sport, companies and the media. It is true that nothing bad in the country helps the candidacy, but we are separate from this subject,” Blanco optimistically said.

As in the previous bids from 2012 and 2016 one of Madrid’s advantages is that a large part of the infrastructure to host the Games is already in place, meaning it will be possible to host an Olympics which in comparison with Athens, Beijing, London and Rio will be relatively low cost and need fewer mega-construction projects.

Blanco also said that from now to September 7 when the host city of 2020 Olympic Games would be chosen, all candidate cities would be the most arduous bidding period. “This is the most difficult as it’s the work you cannot see, but all of the team is working now to convince the members of the IOC that our project is the one that can best organize the Games. You have to listen a lot of I think it is a complicated and difficult job, but it is the most important. We have to wait until Sept 7th, but I hope the idea has taken root,” said Blanco.

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