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The Record Low Attendance at U20 World Cup may affect the Potential for Olympic Bid


The U20 world cup for male players under the age of 20 ongoing in Turkey met the record low attendance with only 5,230 spectators in each game, Shanghai Morning Post reported on July 13. FIFA (Federation International de Football Association) asserted on July 12 that this would become an obstacle for Turkey to bid for hosting international games including 2020 Olympics and the 2024 European Championship whose bid prospects would be obscure

Boyce, Organizing Committee Chairman for FIFA U-20 World Cup, called the attendance a negative and disappointing point and he worried that the low attendance may affect the prospects for Turkey to bid for hosting games.

President Servet Yardimci of the local organizing committee also recognized the poor attendance problem and announced an investigation into the reasons.  Boyce implied that the poor attendance may damage the potential for Turkey to host international tournaments in the future. “I know Turkey is striving to host European Football Championship and World Cup. Due to some reason, the attendance this time is lower than the expected. This game organization will not bring help to the future.”

U20 World Cup would last 23 days and be held in seven cities of Turkey.

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