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Olympic City 奥运场馆 环境保护 奥林匹克教育 奥运文献 志愿服务 研究课题

Volunteers Satisfactorily Accomplished the Volunteer Service Work of the Third Beijing Olympic City


The volunteers served the “Master • Common People Interesting Chinese Chess Exchange” activity

The volunteers showed the “Long Scroll of the Olympic Games”

Group photo of Physical Culture Festival volunteers

In the evening of August 12, the Third Beijing Olympic City Physical Culture Festival ended, 135 volunteers satisfactorily accomplished the volunteer service work of this Physical Culture Festival.

Over the 19 days of volunteer service process of the physical culture festival, with full enthusiasm and positive attitude, the volunteers provided multiple volunteer services for nearly 3.61 million Chinese and foreign tourists, including information consultant, language service, audience guidance, protocol reception, order maintaining, and etc., and the accumulative total servicing time was as long as 11,295 hours; they interpreted the volunteer spirits of “devotion, friendship, mutual assistance and progress” with their practical actions. The volunteers’ considerate services obtained full affirmation and consistent praise of the organizing committee of the physical culture festival, the related units and the Chinese and foreign tourists.

At the same time of doing the daily service of the Physical Culture Festival well, the volunteer operating team positively launched various activities for the volunteers to strengthen the team construction, including the cultural construction activity of volunteer home, “friendly match of basketball slam” with the organizing committee staff, inviting the oldest volunteer in this Physical Culture Festival, grandma Chang to teach us sign language, holding group birthday party for the volunteers, etc.; these activities strengthened the team cohesiveness of the volunteers, increased the exchange and cooperation of the team members, improved the sense of team belonging of the volunteers, successfully created a well-trained volunteer team full of energy, enthusiasm and confidence, thereby established practical experience for the future volunteer service work of large-scale expositions, and reserved talents forces.

It is reported that except for the daily work, the volunteers successively provided volunteer services for the opening ceremony of the Third Beijing Olympic City Physical Culture Festival, “The Fourth Anniversary of the Successful Beijing Olympic Games and Olympic People Returning Home” activity, “2012 Beijing World Mind Elites Sports Games- Master • Common People Interesting Chinese Chess Exchange” activity, and the exhibition and interview of the “Long Scroll of the Olympic Games”, etc.; their earnest service attitude, excellent service quality obtained the praise of the field personnel, and made great contribution to the smooth launch of the Physical Culture Festival.

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