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Olympic City 奥运场馆 环境保护 奥林匹克教育 奥运文献 志愿服务 研究课题

The Voluntary Service Experience of Grandma Chang Zhifu


In the Third Beijing Olympic City Sports & Culture Festival of 2012, there is an elderly, silver-haired, amiable and kind lady called Chang Zhifu. She gives a cordial smile to everyone and helps visitors enthusiastically. Her smile is brighter than the sunshine. The 70-years-old grandma Chang persists in volunteering service regardless of the weather, and the volunteer clothes imprinted with “Beijing Volunteer” almost becomes her daily clothes.

Grandma Chang is an ordinary and special volunteer. She has long been interested in public volunteer services. She keeps learning relevant knowledge and learning sign language, English and first-aid knowledge by herself. She has participated in all public benefit activities she has known. She has successively participated in many voluntary activities such as Olympic City Volunteer Service, International Volunteer Day, and the Second Beijing Olympic City Sports & Culture Festival.

In this sports festival, Grandma Chang works at the posts on the north entrance of the Olympic carnival. Although it is hot summer now, Grandma Chang keeps coming to work at her post every day. Many volunteers are actively sharing the responsibility for her, but Grandma Chang said: “I become a volunteer because I think I have the strength to help others. I get a lot of happiness through participating in voluntary service which cannot be bought.”

Grandma Chang’s long-term involvement and dedication to voluntary service work has infected many young people, and also motivates many people to participate in volunteer activities. She also becomes the model for many volunteers to learn.

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