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Beijing Olympic Volunteers Return Olympic Tennis Court with New Role


According to news on August 1, Beijing time, China Open Tennis-2012 Beijing International Tennis Challenge was held in National Tennis Center as scheduled. As one international sporting event held in the one of the Beijing Olympic venues in the “post-Olympics era”, the challenge match comes during the London Olympics. For Guo Jiafei, a staff of the organizing committee of the challenge match and who also was a volunteer of 2008 Beijing Olympic, he really has a lot of feeling when returning Beijing Olympic venues with a new role.

In 2008, Beijing Olympic Games recruited about 70,000 volunteers to provide services for the games. At that time, Guo Jiafei just finished his postgraduate life, and he also had the honor to work as a volunteer at the doping test site of the Olympic service department and undertook a variety of coordination. He was stationed at the National Tennis Centre, the holding site of Olympic tennis tournament at that time for over two months, and he had a deep affection in the tranquil and vibrant venue. In early 2009, he officially joined the China Open Tennis and worked in the Competition Player Department to continue his indissoluble bound with the tennis and the National Tennis Center. In this Challenge, Guo Jiafei is responsible for the implementation of the competition including venue services, service for the referee and linesman, caddy management and materials management, and he will contribute his power to the good functioning of the games.

Recalling the volunteer experience in 2008 Olympics, Guo Jiafei is still passionate. Through involvement in organizing major sports event for the first time, he paid more attention to the honor and harvest than the hard work. He said that with the experience accumulation as an Olympic volunteer, he had much improvement in the power of execution in work, cooperation with the team, and serious and careful work attitude. He thought that sports games of various sizes, whether general or professional sports events, they all had common from preparation to execution. Hosting China Open Tennis with first-class hardware devices in venue with the Olympic level also has been adhering to the spirit of internationalization and professionalization so as to require all aspects of the event.

Guo Jiafei said that through transiting from an Olympic volunteer to a staff member of the China Open Tennis, he now shares more responsibility and heavier burden. Tennis is a great sport with a charm, but now tennis is still not so common for many domestic people. He hope that, through the continuous efforts with his colleagues, they can create better game environment, bring a better viewing experience for spectators and attract more people to join the tennis career so as to promote the development of Chinese tennis.

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