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Volunteers Serve Sports Culture Festival and Bless London Olympics


Leaders present the voluntary service team of sports culture festival with a flag

The volunteer swear of Beijing Olympic City Sports & Culture Festival

Volunteers go out to take up their quarters

On July 25, also the eve of the 30th Olympic Games opening, Beijing Communist Youth League Committee and Beijing Volunteers Federation successively held the 3rd volunteer taking up posts ceremony of Beijing Olympics City Sports & Culture Festival on the volunteering plaza in the center of Olympic. In this activity, 135 volunteers would be on 19-days period voluntary service. They would provide site service, site security and coordination, news propaganda, booth running, logistical support, order maintenance, etc.

On the ceremony, the present leaders helped volunteers wear the work licenses, Guo Xinbao, the party committee secretary of the Beijing Youth League Committee organ and the director of Voluntary Service Guidance Center, presented the voluntary service team of sports & culture festival with a flag. Zhong Zhi, a student who participated in the second sports & culture festival, acted as the representative of volunteers and shared his voluntary experience with all volunteers, and expressed the wish from Beijing volunteers to London Olympics. Representing all volunteers, he stated that he would adhere to the voluntary service philosophy of “dedication, love, mutual aid and progress”, make innovation and progress constantly, offer hospitable service, and make selfless contribution so that we can contribute our power and wisdom to the third sports & culture festival, continue the glory and tale of our volunteers. The smile of volunteers of will become the best cards of Beijing. Soon afterwards, volunteers took a solemn oath before the team pennant, “I will try my best to participate in public benefit activities, help and give sincere care to those in need and bring them warm.” After the ceremony, volunteers marched in neat steps toward their posts, and began their first-day life.

It is understood that since 2010, Beijing Communist Youth League Committee and Beijing Volunteers Federation have provided voluntary service for the first and second sports & culture festivals according to the work arrangement of Beijing Olympic City Sports & Culture Festivals Organizing Committee. Over 600 volunteers have been recruited for these two sports & culture festivals to provide various volunteering services such as information consulting, reception of guests, guidance of tourism, language translation and order maintenance, etc. The accumulative service was 34,000 hours (400 volunteers for the first sports & culture festival provided 18,000 hours of service, and 200 volunteers for the second sports & culture festival provided 16,000 hours of service.) The professional, considerate and hospitable service offered by volunteers was highly appreciated by the leaders and staff of Beijing Olympic City Sports & Culture Festivals Organizing Committee. After two years of exploration, Beijing Communist Youth League Committee and Beijing Volunteers Federation have built a running system consisting of three-layer managements, including the organizing committee, working team and voluntary service team, formed a fixed running team of volunteers for sports & culture festival, and improved a working mechanism including liaison man system, temporary branches of Party and Youth League system, regular meetings of daily work system and award and incentive system so that seamless connection, scientific management and effective service can be achieved.

According to the requirement of various activities of the third sports & culture festival, Beijing Communist Youth League Committee and Beijing Volunteers Federation adopted the way combining recruitment from some organization and from society. According to the requirement of some posts, they will interview the volunteer candidates and select those with some language advantage and strong voluntary service experience in games to for the 135-person volunteer team of the third sports & culture festival.

Among the volunteer team of the third sports & culture festival, there are new entrants to volunteering, and those volunteers having participated in the former two sports & culture festivals. College student Wang Zhao is a volunteer from Tianjin, and it is the third time for him to participate in the voluntary service of Olympic City Sports & Culture Festival. Speaking of the reason he came to Beijing from Tianjin for sports & culture festival, he said that he was a city volunteer of Beijing Olympic Games, and did not provide service in the Olympic central area, so he came to the sports & culture festival to make up this regret left in Beijing Olympic. Wang Zhao also said he required himself with the standard for Olympic volunteers to bring the volunteering spirit to everyone participating in sports & culture festival; there are college students and old grandmas of seventy years of age. Grandma Chang Zhifu, who is 70 years old, often participated in volunteering activities regardless of weathers, and the volunteer clothes imprinted with “Beijing Volunteer” almost became her informal clothes. Many you people are also moved by her spirit, and actively share with her work. But Grandma Chang said: “I want to be a volunteer because I think I still have the power to serve others and the society. I will not get special treatment due to my age, and every one shall dedicate all his/her power to voluntary service”; there are handsome boys who just got jobs and aunts dedicated to public activities after retirement, Aunt Ding Zhaomei is also a volunteer. Although she does not stand out in the volunteer team, her voluntary experience deserves being learned and spread by everyone. The 63-years old Aunt Ding has involved in voluntary service for nearly 4 years, and she was once a city volunteer of Beijing Olympics, a public security volunteer of the 60th National Day, and a volunteer of blue cube every week. She has been putting the voluntary spirit of “dedication, mutual aid, friendly affection and progress” into practice. When she heard that volunteers are needed in the Olympic sports & culture festival, she signed up to participate in and showed her obedience to the arrangement constantly.

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