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Olympic City 奥运场馆 环境保护 奥林匹克教育 奥运文献 志愿服务 研究课题

Research Report on the Establishment of Olympic Educational Activity Brand (Abstract)


Since the Beijing Olympic Games, the general public has paid less attention to Olympics. The Olympic educational environment has undergone great changes from the outside to the inside, thus the ongoing development of Olympic education faces adverse conditions now. By reference and analysis of the Olympic educational experience at home and abroad and the actual situation in Beijing, this report discusses the establishment of Beijing Olympic educational activity brand to break through the “valley effect” of Olympic education and promote the sustainable development of Beijing Olympic educational business.

Ⅰ. Cognition on the establishment of Olympic educational brand

1. Connotation of the Olympic educational activity brand

Olympic educational activity brand refers to the popularity and recognition of the activity concept, objectives, content, form, meaning and value formed in the process of establishing Olympic educational activities in people’s minds. It directly reflects the level of the cultural spirit and quality education activities in schools. The establishment of Olympic educational activity brand is the process of researching, discovering and establishing the Olympic educational activities which can turn into a brand. It shall have three basic elements: influence, which means to give them distinctive symbols and logos from other activities on the brand names and let them have sufficient explanatory power; demonstration, which means to assess the practical effect of the activities in advance, and inspect the possibility of favorable reception from the public, especially the students and teachers of primary and secondary schools; radiation, which means that the brand shall be attractive enough and can generate a “snowball” effect to drive the surrounding community to constantly join in and achieve the objectives of the activity promotion.

2. Necessity and possibility to establish the Olympic educational brand

Education is the starting point and final destination of the Olympics and an important content in promoting the healthy growth and overall development of young people. It is also a convention in the Olympic host cities and countries to carry out Olympic education which has accumulated mature experience to provide a good reference for Beijing. In addition, during the Olympic Games, 200 model schools 210 “truelove knot” schools carried out Olympic education, which laid an important ideological and material basis for the establishment of Olympic educational brand; especially the series of Olympic educational activities, “Sport, Happiness & Health”, carried out from 2010 have accumulated a lot fresh and alive practical elements for the establishment of Olympic educational activity brand on the aspects of carrying forward the Olympic spirit, inheriting the Olympic wealth, propelling the school quality education, promoting the integrated development of students, etc.

Ⅱ. Establishment and promotion of Beijing Olympic educational activity brand

(Ⅰ) “Truelove knot” project of Olympic cities

The theme slogan of the project is multicultural and peace messenger. It is designed to promote the better adaptability of adolescents to the globalized social communication and cooperation in the future, cultivate “global village” residents with international vision and world citizen consciousness and driving the development of world peace by disparately experiencing the international understanding education activities. The core value of the project lies in highlighting the spirit of mutual respect and solidarity cooperation and cultivating future-oriented modern citizens with a sense of responsibility.

1. Main contents of the “truelove knot” project of Olympic cities

This project is named after the city hosting the Olympic Games and Beijing in the form of forming a pair, such as “London Beijing ‘truelove knot’ project”; the two cities can not only interact in a pair but also associate separately with multiple members of the international Olympic Family; every “truelove knot” school in each city can “pair up” with multiple members of the international Olympic Family and establish a “sister school” relation with many corresponding  schools through its pairing city to achieve “one-to-many” or “many-to-one” associations in pairs; for the activity contents, the project centers on the history, culture, language, customs and so on of different host cities and countries (or regions) to understand their ethnic, religious and political differences; the host city can communicate with the corresponding sport delegations of the Olympic Family member countries (or regions) through the pairing city during the matches in the Olympic Games; through the establishment of “sister school” relationship, they can communicate and interact with other schools in different countries (or regions) on cultural education. At least one large-scale exchange activity with obvious ceremony nature shall be organized each year, including the opening ceremony held in Beijing Olympic Park, athletic contests, art shows, “truelove knot” song playing and singing contests, Olympic postcard exchange and so on.

2. Organization and implementation of the “‘truelove knot’ project of Olympic cities”

With Beijing Olympic City Development Association acting as the executor and Beijing Municipal Commission of Education and Beijing Municipal Sports Bureau providing assistance and support, this project will specifically organized and implemented by Beijing Olympic City Development Association and Beijing Olympic Education Research Association together; the participation objects are based on the 210 “truelove knot” schools in Beijing Olympic cycle and any Beijing schools who are willing to develop foreign communication relationship can apply for participation; the participation schools will mainly take charge of the daily expenditures for the project implementation, while the expenditures required to hold important and large-scale ceremony activities are suggested to be supported by Beijing Olympic City Development Association in the form of special expenditure with a fixed amount each year.

(Ⅱ) “Olympic education program” project of Olympic Park

The theme slogan of the project is knowledge, sport and health; it is designed to encourage the adolescents to learn Olympic knowledge, take part in physical sports, experience the passion and happiness brought about by doing exercises, cultivate a healthy lifestyle, and enjoy the healthy physical and mental states and good social adaptability given by sports; the core value of the project lies in manifesting the mass participation essence of physical exercises and carrying forward the Olympic spirits of fair play, team cooperation and pursuit of excellence.

1. Main contents of “Olympic education program” project of Olympic Park

This project recently focuses on two theme activities, a supporting activity and an experimental activity. The two theme activities are: the “collective competitive rope skipping exercise” and the “small marathon game of Olympic Park”; the supporting activity is: the “voluntary service education program”; the experimental activity is: the “football game of new rules with moving protective facilities”. After the conditions permit, other projects will then be expanded to form a pattern of “one brand with multiple products” for the Beijing Olympic education.

(1) Theme activity 1: “collective competitive rope skipping exercise”

The collective competitive rope skipping is an easy collective and collaborative project with strong workout value and deeply loved by students. In terms of organizational form, it can be divided into three levels. At first, the sport is held in the classes of each school, and then the competitions will be held between the classes and grades; secondly, each school will select 1-3 teams to join the interscholastic contests in the playing fields which can be solved by the consultation of schools themselves or be provided by the Olympic Park; finally, the finals will be held between the schools of the district (county) level and in the whole city, and this level of competitions can be arranged at the Olympic Park. At the same time, the managers of the Olympic Park can organize the gym teacher training related to this, discuss and formulate relevant rules and methods of the contests, hire relevant instructors to teach the methods of collective rope skipping and also collect the existing forms of collective rope skipping in schools to popularize and promote in the whole city .

(2) Theme activity 2: “small marathon game of Olympic Park”

The “small marathon game of Olympic Park” can have physical training for students and cultivate the students’ volitional qualities of enduring hardship and tenacious struggle. Meanwhile, it can also expand the influence and appeal the first “nationwide fitness demonstration base” in domestic and embody the “competitive charm” of the Olympic Park.

The activity will implement the following specific competition system: ①Collective competition system, which means each school is a registration and participation unit, and the competition result will be decided by the collective performance based on the cumulative achievements of all participating students in a school; ②Participation certificate system, which means the organizers will award collective participation certificates and individual participation certifications with unique shapes for schools and students participating in the competition every time; ③Annual competition system. This competition will be held once a year. And it will attract primary and secondary schools and students in Beijing to participate in through a variety of ways, and continuously broaden the participation so as to gradually form a school fitness brand.

(3) A supporting activity: synchronized implementation of the volunteer education

The “volunteer education plan” will be organized and implemented by the schools participating in the “collective competitive rope skipping exercise” and “small marathon game of Olympic Park”, which can be regarded as the special campaign of the two theme activities. The content and organization form will be arranged flexibly by each school. For example, the school can encourage the students who do not directly participate in the two activities to throw into the drinking water supply, clothes safeguard, cheering squad organization, environmental cleaning, parent contact and other services on sport fields by means of enlisting volunteers to experience the Olympic spirits of mutual respect and unity friendship and the voluntary service spirits of caring, mutual assistance and dedication.

(4) An experimental activity: football game of new rules with moving protective facilities

The “new rules” mainly mean that the football game will be held by reference to the rules of 5 people system but more flexible and adaptable than that. For example, the number of competitors, gender, time, field and other competition conditions can be set based on the situation agreed by both sides in advance under the principle of insisting fairness and equality.

The “moving protection facilities” mean that a whole field will be divided into several small playing fields and separated with simple protection facilities according to the requirements of the game, so as to avoid the mutual interference of competitions ongoing simultaneously. It is characterized by easy installation, convenient disassembly, convenience to carry and full use of field. The “football game of new rules with moving protective facilities” set up a football competition system (including accumulated points and incentive system) with the class and school as the contestant. The detailed plan of the activities will be prepared by the Olympic Park and each school will organize student to the Olympic Park to participate in the activities by itself based on the calendar of activities.

2. Implementation of the “‘Olympic education program’ project of Olympic Park”

The managers of the Olympic Park will formulate the Olympic education program and take charge of the organization and implementation. The contents include setting the activity objectives, arranging the contents, formulating the rules, providing the fields, managing the personnel and so on. The Olympic Park will provide the Olympic Educational Activity Guidelines for schools; the adolescent students of Beijing City are the main participation objects. The schools and students outside Beijing can also be organized to participate in according to the requirements of activities and parents and community members can participate jointly. Other Chinese and foreign members involved in the “‘truelove knot’ project of Olympic cities” can also be invited to participate in. The activities are supported by Beijing Municipal Commission of Education, Beijing Municipal Administration of Cultural Heritage and Beijing Olympic City Development Association. The specific procedures and activity schedule will be formulated by mutual consultation of the “large social classroom” activity administrations in Olympic Park and Beijing Municipal Commission of Education. The project can apply for special funds from the Beijing municipal government finance as the activity expenditures. In addition to the student activity costs, the expenditures shall include the teaching training and necessary education facility and equipment expenses in the first two or three years.

(Ⅲ) Promotion of Beijing Olympic educational activity brand

The official website of Beijing Olympic City Development Association shall play active guiding and leading roles by setting up special subjects to issue activity information and implementation plans and exchange experience and academic discussion information and so on in real time; meanwhile, it shall give play to the own advantages of Beijing Olympic City Development Association and integrate the resources in all directions to promote the Beijing Olympic educational activity brand to the world. Moreover, the Beijing Olympic Education Network of Beijing Municipal Commission of Education and the Olympic Park Website as well as the future Olympic Museum Website shall also give positive support for the promotion of the activity brand and coordinate relevant propaganda and popularization.

Ⅲ. Matters needing attention in the establishment of Beijing Olympic educational activity brand

The establishment, formation and solidification of the Olympic educational brand is not accomplished in an action, but it is a process of elaborate care, long-term cultivation and experience. The contents are open and inclusive and they absorb all elements conducive to the healthy growth of students to enrich the content and form of the activity brand; the mode of activities emphasizes “participation”, “experience” and “communication”. Students can deepen their understanding of knowledge and make knowing and doing unify organically in the experience process, which manifests the brand image of Beijing Olympic city; during the organization and implementation process, the implementation subject of Olympic educational activity brand shall fully release the rights to social organizations to draw support from the social forces, integrate the social resources and motivate the endogenous power of Olympic education.

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