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Sidelight about Iron Three Group Limited XianQiao Company Participating in the Construction of Metro


Several years ago, XianQiao Company under Iron Three Group Limited enjoyed good reputation in the industry for wining many titles for the construction of Beijing Metro Line 10. Today, XianQiao Company under Iron Three Group Limited continues to blaze a trail during the construction of the first stage of Beijing Metro Line 6 by “smartly creating” an excellent project, and the company’s impressive performance has created a gorgeous movement of “Learning by doing; Being the first forever”.

Yangqing, Assistant Manager in project department of Xianqiao Company for the first stage of Beijing Metro Line 6, said that “Beijing Metro Line 6 is a rail transit line throughout the inner city area from east to west. According to the planning scheme released in 2007, it extends from Wuluju Station in Haidian District in the west to Dongxiaoying Station in Tongzhou District in the east. If divided according to the time to build, the first stage starts from Wuluju Station to Caofang Station and the second stage starts from Caofang Station to Dongxiaoying Station. In the construction of Beijing Metro Line 6, Xianqiao Company undertook the task of paving 10.5 kilometer doubleline long rail from Dalianpo Station and 7.3 kilometer of car depot in Wuliqiao.”

The first piece of track was arranged after the successful pavement of track in Caofang Station, and the workers from project department overcame mountains of difficulties to push forward Dalianpo Station day and night. In order to complete the construction of the first stage of Beijing Metro Line 6, workers gave up the opportunity for family union and fight bravely on the site day and night, sprinkling their sweat.

In order to ensure the rail-laying continuity of first-stage project of Beijing Metro Line 6, the workers in project department needed to pave turnouts in advance in every station to be passed, but the pavement of turnouts was very difficult as the rail material of the turnouts needed to be lifted into the ground through the feed opening. As the first station being passed in the middle, four groups of lateral turnouts and 2 pieces of auxiliary lines of 500 meters should be paved in Changying Station in advance. However, there was no existing feeding opening here, and workers from project department had to feed material by using a 7 meter shield shaft. In order not to affect the normal construction of civil engineering, workers from project department chose to feed materials at night with the site being cleared up every time after feeding.

As required by the time limit of the project, March 25 of this year is the node to complete the pavement of long trail. Workers from project department worked energetically to lay and weld the track alternately by adopting the method of using the circuit at staggered time. Although it brought much inconvenience to the laying and welding work, workers from the project department overcame difficulties and finally achieved the scheduled target safely and excellently.

On March 24, thank to their unrimitting efforts and day-and-night fighting, the double-line long trail from Dalianpo Station to Caofang Station in the first-stage of Beijing Metro Line 6 project was completed. In the congratulation for Xianqiao Company offered by the Fourth Project Management Center under Beijing Metro Construction Management Co. Ltd, the management center gave a good appraisal for the completion of pavement ahead of schedule, and identified it as model project.

In the project department, the slogan “Safety Above All, Life Above All” became a kind of project culture. At the beginning of the building points, the project department was positive to instill this concept to all employees involved and concentrated their efforts on the safety management, which scored remarkable achievements.

Today, the section between Dalianpo Station and Caofang Station belonging to the first-stage of Beijing Metro Line 6 has taken the lead in entering the electric bus debugging phase whose management service is provided by Xianqiao Company. Stretching underground like a huge dragon, the metro line witnessed the sweat and effort made by workers from project department f Xianqiao Company for the construction of Capital Metro. After a short period, the workers will continue to sweat their perspiration and fire their passion to compose a more wonderful chapter for urban metro in the second-stage of Beijing Metro Line 6.

Quoted from: www.peoplerailway.com

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