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Municipal Government Holds a Thematic Conference about Constructing External Basic Supporting Facili


On July 24, Vice Mayor Liu Jingmin held a thematic conference with the relevant departments and counties to discuss the work of constructing external basic supporting facilities for household waste incineration plant in Lujiashan. The meeting was presided over by Chen Yong, director of Municipal Commission of City Administration and Environment. In the meeting, the units of Municipal Development and Reform Commission, Municipal Commission of City Administration and Environment, Municipal Water Supplies Bureau, Municipal Road Management Bureau, Municipal Electric Power Company and Capital Iron and Steel Company, etc. made reports about the facility construction progress and existing problems of the projects of external refuse transportation passage, power grid-connected system, water supply line and heating pipeline. Vice Mayor Liu Jingmin requested that all units should pay great attention to the Lujiashan household waste incineration plant project to continue to support the external construction of supporting facilities and speed up the construction progress of supporting facilities according to the spirit directed by city leaders in the previous conferences and ensure that Lujiashan household waste incineration plant will be completed and put into operation on schedule.

Quoted from: Beijing Municipal Commission of City Administration and Environment network

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