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Implement Comrade An Shun’s Directives and Further Propel Delicacy Management in the Field of Urban


In the afternoon of July 16, 2012, when investigating and surveying the delicacy management in the field of urban environment and municipal administration and appearance in our Municipal Committee, Liu Jingmin, deputy mayor heard the work report about the delicacy management of information supporting city management from Municipal Commission of City Administration and Environment and conveyed Comrade An Shun’s spirit about urban environment construction and the management of municipal administration and appearance, advising to study and implement the spirit of the 11th congress of party representatives.

Comrade Jingmin stressed that: 1. Regard the work of building a better municipal administration and city appearance as a fundamental project for city running, public safety and ensuring the people's livelihood by standing in the height of building a world city with Chinese characteristics, and give full play to the urban comprehensive management information system so as to continuously upgrade the level of urban delicacy management. 2. Extensively mobilize the social units and the masses to participate in the city management and make efforts to straighten out the interest relationship so as to mobilize and exert role of counties, residential districts and countries as well as the principle role of the citizens. 3. Conscientiously implement the spirit of ruling city by law to carry forward the “Three Courage” spirit; establish new concept and new standard of city management in the process of dealing with complex social contradiction and adhere to solve the problem relying on the law. 4. Concentrate on regulating the city management problems of back street and alleys as well as obstinacies by following the first class working standard, and guarantee to improve the urban environment and municipal admission and appearance to provide service for the forthcoming 18th National Congress.

Chen Yong, director of Municipal Commission of City Administration and Environment, held this investigation report-back meeting and expressed to earnestly carry out the spirit of 11th congress of party representatives, and exert the utmost effort and keep the spirit to create an environment of perfect and first-class standard for the 18th National Congress, living up to Municipal Party Committee, Municipal Government and all citizens’ expectations.

Song Liandi, secretary of the committee’s leading party group, members of the committee’s secretary and person in charge of each office participated this investigation report-back meeting.

Quoted from: Beijing Municipal Commission of City Administration and Environment network

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