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Environmental Upgrading Project in the North and South Riverside Street of Dongcheng District Makes


Recently, in order to upgrade the urban environmental quality in Dongcheng district and improve citizens’ living conditions, the City Management Committee of Dongcheng District has initiated an environmental upgrading project for the north and south riverside street of Dongcheng district. The project includes the key projects of greening landscape upgrading, standard renovation of signboards and municipal infrastructure improvements, etc.

The first goal is to clear away “Dirty places”. The appearance along the street has been improved significantly with 3,500 mm2 of wall space being painted, 1,800 mm2 of doors and windows being varnished, 23 door heads being renovated, 35 unlicensed merchants being cleaned, 79 adlets being cleared away and over 20 hygienic dead angles being swept, and new trash bins were added in along alleys of the street.

The second goal is to clear away “Places in a mass”. The advertisements scale in the street has been improved significantly by uniformly regulating the outdoor advertising signboards, updating 20 Polaroid cloth material signboards not conforming to the advertisements upgrading requirements, urging the commercial tenants to replace 18 broken signboards whose total replacing area has reached 650mm2. The uniformity of the advertisement scale effectively improved the overall environmental quality in this street.

The second goal is to promote “Inferior landscape level”, which has significantly improved the landscape level of the street. A multi-colored landscape zone strewn at random discretion was formed and the landscape level in the street was improved by building retaining walls, filling planting soil and transplanting lilacs, crape myrtles, iris tectorum, day lily and other shrub and flowering plants based on the method of implanting greens in any useful space and the greening pattern of planting trees around pools. The construction area has reach1300 mm2, among which the area for constructing 36 connection tree-pools takes up about 670 linear meters, the area for colored zones of 382 plantings takes up 373 mm2 and the area for planting and arranging flowers takes up 550 mm2.

Quoted from: Beijing Municipal Commission of City Administration and Environment network

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