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National Stadium

Location:Olympic Park (View map)

Building area: 79532 (Interior)


Seating:Fixed: 4,000 permanent, 2,000 detachable; temporary: 11,000

Gold medals provided here: 42


The National Stadium, a special-grade oval building with designed service life up to 100 years, level-I fire resistance, 8-degree seismic fortification intensity, and Grade-I waterproof underground engineering, has a longitudinal length of 333 meters, a latitudinal width of 296 meters and a maximum height of 69 meters. The steel “bird’s nest” is in reinforced concrete form shear wall structure, where seven floors is above ground with an interlayer (ground floor interlayer); one floor underground with an interlayer (i.e. B1 interlayer). The National Stadium is constructed on a plinth which rises gradually from the ground, so audiences can access the Stadium by walking along the plinth through the Olympic Green. In the north of the plinth is a sunken warm-up field, which is connected to the competition arena inside the main building by an athlete-only tunnel. The complex auxiliary buildings of the National Stadium and post-Olympics commercial facilities are arranged under the elevated ground to enable rational entry modes for different groups of people, as well as to maintain the clarity, consistency and

integrity of the exterior of the main structure. Above the plinth are seven floors altogether, including service facilities for audiences, work areas for media and VIP reception areas; under the plinth are three floors in total, including zero-floor internal loops, parking lots and many functional rooms. The bowl-shaped stand consists of upper, middle and lower levels, and between the upper and middle levels are balconies with seats. Among world’s sport facilities, the National Stadium has one of the largest spans in its steel structure. Its roof maintenance structure is a steel structure covered by two layers of membranes: the upper layer is a transparent ETFE membrane fastened between the upper chords of the steel structure; the lower layer is a translucent PTFE acoustic suspended ceiling fastened under the lower cords of the steel structure and to the side walls of the inner loop.

The National Stadium employs the PPP (Public-Private-Partnership) mode which is a marketing innovation made by Beijing Municipal People’s Government in the construction and operation of Olympic venues and other large-scale public construction projects. Jointly sponsored and founded by Beijing State-owned Assets Management CO., Ltd. and Citic Group, National Stadium Co., Ltd., as the legal person of the national stadium, was responsible for the investment, financing and construction for the venues. The Citic Group contributed 42%, Beijing State-owned Assets Management Co., Ltd. Contributed 58% on behalf of the Beijing Municipal Government. The Citic Group owns the 30-year franchise rights of the National Stadium after the games.

The National Stadium, as a new iconic building in China, runs as the main venue of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games with complex structure of apparent characteristics.

Spectator Guide:

a.The opening and closing ceremonies of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games will be held in the National Stadium. For safe consideration, rigid inspection and real-name ticket checkup will be made. You may wait in line for a certain time, please arrive in advance. Thanks for your understanding and support!

b.Marathon The marathon will start from the Tian’anmen Square and finish at the National Stadium. During the completion, audiences waiting for marathon runners inside the National Stadium will enjoy brilliant cultural performance.

c.Race walkThe race walk will take place on Aug. 16, 21st and 22nd. Different from other events, although the starting and finishing lines are in the National Stadium, its racing routes will be along the Olympic axis.

Travel guide:

Yuntong 113, bus, West Beichen Bridge

386, bus, West Beichen Bridge

407, bus, West Beichen Bridge

660, bus, West Beichen Bridge

740 Inner Ring, bus, West Beichen Bridge

740 Outer Ring, bus, West Beichen Bridge

753, bus, West Beichen Bridge

939, bus, West Beichen Bridge

944, bus, West Beichen Bridge

983, bus, West Beichen Bridge

81, bus, North Beichen Xiqiao

82, bus, North Beichen Xiqiao

83, bus, Bus Stop of the National Stadium

85, bus, Bus Stop of the National Stadium

86, bus, Bus Stop of the National Stadium

510, bus, North Beichen Xiqiao

607, bus, North Beichen Xiqiao

Subway Line 8, subway, Olympic Sports Center

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