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National Indoor Stadium


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The National Indoor Stadium is the indoor gymnastics with the most advanced facilities and the most seats in Beijing, and will host various international and domestic professional sports games and large-scale sports, cultural and business activities. Located in the southern part of the

Olympic Green, the National Indoor Stadium joins the group of landmark structures in the area, including the National Aquatics Center and the National Stadium to the south and the National Convention Center to the north. The stadium consists of a main structure and a warm-up gym nearby and other outdoor facilities, with an overall building area of 80,900 square meters. The seating capacity of the National Indoor Stadium is 18,000. The outdoor landscaping and roadways occupy an area of 44,000 square meters.

The construction of the National Indoor Stadium was started on May 28th, 2005 and completed on Nov. 28th, 2007. Many test competitions have been held there from Nov. 28th, 2007 to Jan. 26th, 2008. It was known that the total investment in the National Indoor Stadium will be under RMB 850 million.

The creative design of the National Indoor Stadium resembles an unfurled traditional Chinese folding fan. The Chinese say that a folding fan holds a deep level of cultural detail; it is a component of Chinese culture. And the National Indoor Stadium embodies the charm of traditional Chinese architecture.

The steel roof truss of the National Indoor Stadium stretches 144 meters tall and 114 meters wide. The frame is composed of 14 steel beams weighing a total of 2,800 tons.

It employs multifunctional composite roof panel to diminish the general rain noise of most sports architectures. The roof applies rare nine-layer composite structure, which is composed of cement panels, glass wool, waterproof layer, acoustic absorption materials, coated with damping materials, in order to lower outside noises as much as possible. A 19,000-sq-m glass curtain wall, made up of a visible frame glass curtain wall, a point support glass curtain wall, and aluminum glass, covers the National Indoor Stadium. All of the glass is Low-emissivity (Low-E) glass, which provides insulation and improves energy efficiency by reducing the transfer of heat through the glass. Low-E glass also acts as a filter for ultra-violet rays.

After the Beijing Olympic Games, the National Indoor Stadium will be the indoor gym with the most seats in Beijing, and a civil center to provide multifunction services. It will host international and domestic professional sports games, large-scale business events and art performances.

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