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Beijing Wukesong Sports Center


Building area:



Gold medals provided here:


Beijing Wukesong Sports Center Basketball Filed is square in general outline with zigzag-shaped façade wall made of golden aluminum plates. The shining basketball field can accommodate 18,000 audiences.

Entrance and transportation:

(1) Entrance

Unified safety check is made at two venues with the checkpoints respectively at the south gate on Fuxing Road and at the east gate on Xicui Road.

(2) Transportation

Olympic bus lines: 8 (Wukesong Bridge Dong – Olympic western bus station), K21 (Wukesong Bridge Dong – South Square of Beijing West Railway Station), K22 (Wukesong Bridge Dong -

Fuchengmen), and 23 (Wukesong Bridge Dong - Xiyuan)

Subway: B exit at Wukesong station, Subway Line 1

Other bus stations include: East gate: 849, 609 (Shagoulukoubei), then walk for 300m to the south gate; South gate: 983, 982, 996, 981, 952, 751, 740 Inner Ring, Special Line 9, 913 (Wukesong Bridge Bei), walk for about 500m to the south gate; 212, 370, 436, 64, 817, 337, 373, 620, 728, Yuntong 120 (Wukesong Bridge Dong), walk for about 50m to the south gate.


1. Public zone: A cultural square and public facilities are equipped at the south of the Basket Field and at the east of the Baseball Field. Brilliant cultural events will take place here during the Olympic Games. Sponsors also will hold exhibition and interactive activities here.

2. Information service booths: Information service booths are set in the Basketball Field and Baseball Field in the southeast corner of the public zone. Audiences can have required competition information, or ask for help from volunteers.

3. Ticket office: The ticket office is located outside the security line in the south of public zone.

4. Olympic merchandise store: An Olympic merchandise store is set in the southeast corner of public zone. Audiences can purchase diversified Olympic merchandises, etc.

5. Food & beverage: Selling point for foods & beverage is available in Basketball Field and Baseball Field to provide audiences with rich foods and beverage. Mobile food & beverage service is also offered in public zone.

6. Postal service: A postal table is set in the southeast corner of public zone to provide postal services for audiences.


Service time: Aug. 9-24

Open hours: 2 hours before competition

Walking distance:

South gate to Basketball Field: about 240 meters, 4-minute to walk;

East gate to Basketball Field: about 260 meters, 5-minute to walk.

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