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Education Commission of Huairou District Takes Four Measures to Reduce the Students’ Study Load


The Education Commission has taken four measures to reduce the students’ study load: Firstly, strictly conduct the “Four Prohibition”- namely, prohibition of booking teaching materials for students without permission, prohibition of making up lessons for students during the holidays, prohibition of delaying the class time and prohibition of occupying the students’ extracurricular activity time. Secondly, classroom teaching shall achieve “Six Highlights”- namely, highlight difficulties and focuses, highlight explaining concisely and practicing cleverly, highlight thinking training, highlight learning methods and knowledge migration, highlight teaching efficiency and highlight tailoring teaching. Thirdly, control the homework time. Times of examinations shall be controlled, and quality of teaching as well as students’ homework burden shall be studied regularly. Fourthly, establish parents contact cards. This can give play to the parents’ function of supervision thus to guarantee the students’ mental and physical health. (See the website of municipal education commission)

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