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The preparatory work for the Beijing Olympic Games promotes the rapid urban development, sustained improvement in ecological environment quality, upgraded roads, express ways, subways, airports, massive progress in urban barrier-free construction, thus providing great convenience for citizens and the disabled. Better facilities brings about upgraded urban soft environment, enhanced urban functions, happier life of the people, and more harmonious relationship between people and society, people and the nature.

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By means of the concepts of “Green Olympics, High-tech Olympics and Humanistic Olympics”, Beijing pays attention to people orientation and scientific development, and to combining various works with pushing forward economic & social development and enriching people’s life. For 31 Olympic venues, Beijing fully takes post-games utilization into consideration in terms of planning, location selection, design and construction, thus providing a good basis for post-games development and utilization of the Olympic venues.

Environmental Protection

Environment protection has already been a theme of the modern Olympics. The “Green Olympics” becomes the focus of the Beijing Olympic Games. The tenet of the “Green Olympics” is to promote the sustained development of the city, build the Beijing Olympics into as an environment-friendly example, and lifting the ecological and civilized quality of the whole society.

Olympic Education

The Olympic movement encourages combination of sports with culture and education, and puts emphasis on educating the youth by spreading Olympic ideal in a new angle and new way so as to promote their physical and mental harmonious development. The Beijing Olympic Games makes the connection between the Olympic movement, people’s education, citizens’ quality, and improved degree of social civilization closer via universalizing Olympic knowledge and spreading Olympic spirit.


Four years ago, tens of thousands of volunteers formed the most beautiful card of Beijing with their smiling faces. After the Olympic Games, volunteer spirit evolved into the faith of Beijing. Volunteer service has become a living attitude and been involved in all fields of citizens’ life and urban economic and social development. It can be said that the awakening volunteer spirit will be an everlasting wealth for Beijing and even China after the Beijing Olympic Games.

Beijing2008 Olympic'files

The Candidature file of Beijing for the 2008;Beijing Olympic Games Impact (Abstract);Official Report of the Beijing 2008 Olympic;Official Report of the Beijing 2008 Olympic;Official Report of the Beijing 2008 Olympic

Research Subjects

To guarantee traffic safety and smoothness of Furong East Road in Tongzhou district, in accordance with the Road Traffic Safety Law of the People’s Republic of China, it is prohibited that trucks, right three-wheeled motorcycles, tractors, agricultural vehicles and animal-drawn vehicles go through the Furong East Road (from Yunhewan Intersection of Yudaihe East Street to Longwangzhuang intersection of Luyuan South Street) at 06:00 - 22:00 from May 21st, 2012.

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