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Beijing Olympic Action Plan

Table of Contents

I. Overall Strategic Concept

1. Guidelines
2.Strategic Objectives
3. Strategic Principles
4. Strategic Phases

II. Development of Olympic Venues and related Facilities

1. Principles, Status and locations
2. Plan and Design of the Olympic Green
3.Philosophy for the Design of Venues
4. Full Consideration to the Needs of the Paralympic Games

III. National Environment and Infrastructure Development

1. Environmental Pollution Control
2. Ecological Environment Development
3. Urban Transport Development and Management
4. Development of Information and Telecommunications Systems

IV. Social Environment Development

1. Cultural Environment Development
2. Security, Health Care and Sanitation
3. Legal Environment Development
4. Public Participation

V. Strategic Suppor

1. Speeding up the Economic Development of Beijing
2. Advancing the Development of New Technologies
3. Developing Sound Commanding and Decision-making Systems
4. Being Market-oriented in Financing and Improving Fund Management
5. Developing Human Resource backup for the Olympic Games
6. Setting up Supervision and Auditing Mechanisms

Olympic Action Plan for Beijing Sports

Olympic Action Plan for Beijing Sports (Draft) for Public Comments and Proposals
One. Strategic Conception
Two. Work Task
Three. Support Measures

Transport Construction and Traffic Management Plan

Transport Construction and Traffic Management Plan (Draft) For public comments and proposals
1. Guidelines and Objectives
2. Urban Transport
3. City and Interurban Transportation
4. Traffic Management
5. Traffic Support System
6 Traffic Organization for the Olympic Games

A Specific Plan for High-Tech Olympics Construction

Beijing Olympic Action Plan High-Tech Olympics Construction Plan (Draft) For public comments and proposals
1. Guiding Principles
2. Overall Goals
3. Basic Principles
4. Major Tasks
5. Guarantee Measures

Special Programme for Construction of Digital Olympics

Special Programme for Construction of Digital Olympics (Draft Seeking for Comments) Issuing Explanation
I. Objective and Strategy
II. Major Tasks of "Digital Olympics"
III. Safeguard Measures

Development of the Cultural Environment

Beijing Olympic Action Plan Cultural Environment Construction Adjustment Plan (Draft) For public comments and proposals
1.Cultural Activities
2.Cultural Facilities
3.Olympic Education and Promotion
4.Sights of the Ancient Capital
5.Urban Civility
6.Language Environment
7.Social Sports
8.Cultural Travel
9.Industrial Development
10. Relevant Guarantees

Energy Development and Energy Mix Readjustment

Beijing Olympic Action Plan Energy Development & Energy Structure Adjustment Plan (Draft) For public comments and proposals
1 Guidelines and primary objectives
2 Energy mix readjustment programme
3 Main clean energy projects
4 Projects for reducing coal as fuel and measures for rationed use of coal
5 Policy instruments

Environmental Protection

1.Present Environmental Status
2. Guideline and Objectives
3. Prevention and Control of Environmental Pollution
4. Ecological Conservation and Construction
5. Specific Environmental and Ecological Protection Measures for Olympic Games
6. Management and Assurance Measures

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