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Great changes happen in Beijing Xiushui Street market (photo attached)
From:Chinanews Updated:2007-01-22

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Great changes happen in Beijing Xiushui Street market (photo attached)
Beijing Xiushui Street market

On Thursday, a vendor in Xiushui Street market received a silk banner given by a EU official as a reward for the efforts he made for intellectual property rights protection, Beijing Youth Daily reported.

Over the past year, Xiushui market had done great work for the IPR protection issue. The market allocated 30 million yuan as a special fund to protect the IPR. Administrators in the market encouraged vendors to sell domestic branded products so that no more fake goods would appear in the market.

On Thursday, an award ceremony was held in Xiuhui Street. At the ceremony, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Industry and Commerce, the Beijing Municipal Bureau for IPR Protection Issue, officials from Chaoyang district awarded some 40 businesspeople in Xiushui street market. Some of them had done a good job in selling goods that have unique Chinese cultural characteristics, while others had made good business returns for selling high-quality goods. Some focused on selling genuine branded goods and some had made achievement in business innovation.

At the awarding ceremony, Paul Ranjard, Chairman of the European Chamber's Intellectual Property Right (IPR) Working Group, said the great changes happening in Xiushui street market is only an example of the rapid progress made in China's IPR protection issue. He said that it was a significant move for Xiushui street market to outline a developmental strategy for IPR protection and set up a special fund for this issue. The measures taken by Xiushui could serve as a good example and their experiences could be learned by other markets in China, too.

With one year's work, most of fake products, such as silk clothes, spectacles, watches and clocks, and suitcases that once dominated the market, have now disappeared from the market. Instead, famous branded Chinese products, including Quanjude Roast Duck and Tongrentang Chinese herbal medicine, branded Chinese silk clothes and jewellery, enter into the market. Most of these products have gained approving certificates for sale.

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