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BOCOG in Doha

Beijing Olympics director inspired by Doha Asiad opening ceremony
From:Xinhuanet Updated:2006-12-02

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DOHA, Dec. 1 (Xinhua) -- Doha has staged a successful and amazing opening ceremony for the 15th Asian Games, from which the Beijing Olympic Games should learn much and get inspired, commented a senior member from the creation team for the 2008 Olympics here on Friday.

Together with many other big names invited by the Beijing Organizing Committee for the 2008 Olympics (BOCOG) last April, Chen Weiya will assist chief director Zhang Yimou to produce the opening and closing ceremonies for the Beijing Games, to be unveiled on August 8, 2008, in the capital of China.

"The Doha Asian Games have showed us an unforgettable opening ceremony, and it's the best ever shot I have seen at an Asiad since 1990 Beijing Asiad," Chen told Xinhua after watching the show at the Khalifa Stadium.

"To us, there's a lot to learn, and we'll make a thorough scan on the technical device used in the stadium special for the opening ceremony tomorrow, before we depart here to be back home Sunday," he added.

What impressed Chen most was the integrity of the whole show.

"They told a complete story with clear framework and structures,which made the show interesting and exciting," said Chen.

"The show combined nearly all Asian cultures in a fine way. Those programs of China, Japan, Cambodia, and so on, fully presented the traditional culture and history of Asia.

"It showed the people's friendliness of the host country and made the harmony and sodality of people from all over the Asia could be truly touched."

Also the way of lighting the main torch left Chen an unforgettable impression.

"It's very creative. The Arabian rider drove the horse to climb so high, and it's really heartshaking," he said.

High technology introduced in Friday's ceremony is another aspect having impressed Chen.

"It's astonishing. The scene representing the development of the modern industry, the shots from both the ground and the air, and the super LED, all the high technique stuff helped combine the culture and the story together, making the opening ceremony an amazing show," he said.

The ceremony involved an extensive use of different visual elements, like PIGI projections, AV projections and imagery on the largest LED screen in the world. Sensitive as well as dramatic lighting merged these disparate elements into one picture. And the ceremony featured a broad range of lighting equipment, all of which are latest technology.

In Chen's opinion, the Doha Asiad opening ceremony has done a better job than the Athens Olympics.

"Many considered the opening ceremony of the Athens Games a show looked better on TV screen than that from the stand, and Dohamade it both a good TV program and an exciting active from the locale.

"That was achieved by paying more attention on the actors performance," he said.

"Doha has done an excellent job and showed their best to the world. It's our turn next," Chen added.

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