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Beijing people's life expectancy reaches 80.09
From:Chinanews Updated:2006-08-17

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The average life expectancy in Beijing has now reached 80.09, four years more than that of 2001.

A recent report released by the Beijing Municipal Statistics Bureau and the Beijing Investigation General Team under the State Statistics Bureau shows that as the sanitary conditions have improved greatly in Beijing, local people's life expectancy has also increased steadily.

The statistics show that by the end of last year, Beijing people's average life expectancy was 80.09, about 4.24 years more than 2001. Among this, women's average life expectancy was 81.76, 3.86 years more than 2001.

Information from the State Statistics Bureau shows that in 2000, Chinese people's average life expectancy was 71.4, and in 2004, it was raised to 71.8. Based on this growth rate, Chinese people's average life expectancy has increased by 0.1 year every year on average. In Beijing, however, the average life expectancy has increased by 1 year annualy, or ten times the national growth rate.

Professor Duan Chengrong from the Society and Demography Department of the Renmin University of China said that in Japan and Sweden, people's average life expectancy is around 84-85, which is the highest level in the world. Although Beijing's average life expectancy rate (80) is lower than this level, it is very close to the life expectancy level in moderately developed countries.

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