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Beijing 2008 Project Construction Headquarters Office

The "2008"Project Construction Headquarters of the Beijing Municipal Government (hereafter Beijing 2008 Project Headquarters) is a provisional mechanism. Under the leadership of the Beijing municipal government, it takes unified command and comprehensive coordination of the construction of the Olympic competition venues and their affiliated facilities. The Beijing 2008 Project Construction Headquarters Office is an administrative body in charge of day-to-day operations of the Headquarters.

Main responsibilities

The Headquarters is responsible for

1. Overall planning of the construction schedule for the Olympic competition venues in Beijing, their affiliated facilities and related urban infrastructure. It is also responsible for instructing the governments of concerned districts and counties and owners of the competition venues to work out comprehensive plans of construction schedule and detailed network plans, examining and finalizing the plans and submitting reports to the Communist Party of China (CPC) municipal committee and the municipal government of Beijing on the execution of .the plans.

2. Initiation of preliminary steps for the construction of the venues and related affiliated facilities in Beijing, coordination and overseeing of feasibility study, layout and design, land requisition and residents relocation, first-stage land development, groundbreaking, and other works. The Headquarters also coordinates the task of different departments of the municipal government in assembling the projects for examination and approval in order to ensure their commencement on schedule.

3. Deployment of the task for the construction of the venues and affiliated facilities in Beijing,resolution of any problems which may arise in the course of construction, with an aim at carrying out the construction in a unified and harmonious manner to meet all the requirements in the areas of safety, quality, construction time limit, function and cost.

4. Coordination of the task for environmental improvement in places adjacent to the venues and affiliated facilities in Beijing.

5. Collection, clear-up, statistical compilation and management of the information related to the construction of the venues and affiliated facilities, proper management of archives by relevant departments.

6. Overseeing the enforcement of contracts signed by the venue owners and government authorities, redressing any violations.

7. Supervising the implementation of compulsory criteria set up by the state in the areas of safety, quality, firefighting and environmental protection during the construction of the venues, overseeing and guaranteeing the implementation of the technical criteria and quality requirements set up by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and international sports federations.

8. Managing a portion of the Olympic Special Fund for the municipal government, overseeing its use.

9. Superintending tender and bid activities of project entities and concerned departments of the Beijing municipal government to ensure transparency in every stage of construction.

10. Engaging in publicity of the Olympic venues in Beijing, strengthening links with the Beijing Organizing Committee for the Games of the XXIX Olympiad (BOCOG) and with concerned departments of the state government.

11. Attending to other matters assigned by the municipal Party committee, the municipal government of Beijing and BOCOG.

Branch Office

The 2008 Project Construction Headquarters Office has established ten functional departments in compliance with the responsibilities aforementioned.

1. General Office

2. Project Planning and Key Project Construction Department

3. Competition Venue Construction Department

4. Training Venue Construction Department

5. Urban Facility Construction Department

6. Quality Control Department

7. Technology Department

8. Finance and Budget Department

9. Audit Department (audit room)

10. Communications Department

The Beijing 2008 Project Headquarters Office has a provisional administrative capacity of 57 staff.

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