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Our environment

Beijing able to treat 90 pct of sewage
The nine sewage treatment plants in Beijing's urban area treated 780 million cubic meters of waste water, or 90 percent of Beijing's total in 2006.

Beijing air quality has improved in past 6 years
Beijing improves water quality
Green Olympics dream coming true
Beijing to clamp down on chemicals
Beijing supports Shougang's relocation: official

"Green Olympics"


ͼƬ˵Ã÷ ͼƬ˵Ã÷ ͼƬ˵Ã÷ ͼƬ˵Ã÷ ͼƬ˵Ã÷
Water Cube embodies Green Olympics concept 'Green Dreams,Colourful Olympics' Painting Contest Beijing enjoys 230 days of blue sky Beijing school children taught to save water BOCOG endeavors to protect ozone layer

Environmental guidlines

General environmental guideline for the Olympic project
Building energy conservation
Green building materials
Water resource protection and reutilization
Solid waste disposal and utilization
Noise control

Green Olympics in Beijing

BOCOG's environmental efforts in 2005
Beijing environmental improvement in 2005
BOCOG's environmental activities in 2004
Beijing environmental improvement in 2004
Beijing environmental improvement in 2003
BOCOG's environmental activities in 2003
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Our efforts
• Lithium battery-powered buses to serve the Olympic Village[2007-04-19]
• Promise of clean air during Olympics[2007-03-13]
• Shougang begins construction of new plant outside capital[2007-03-13]
• Green Olympics dream coming true (photo attached)[2007-01-31]
• Beijing supports Shougang's relocation: official[2007-01-29]
• Beijing to clamp down on chemicals[2007-01-29]
• Beijing strives for reducing energy consumption[2007-01-27]
• Beijing to regularly release water quality report[2007-01-20]
• Beijing citizens report polluters and gain rewards[2007-01-12]
• Residents urged to take public transit in Beijing[2006-12-26]
Water resources
·Beijing able to treat 90 pct of sewage[2007-02-05]
·Beijing improves water quality[2007-01-30]
·Beijing pursues water conservation as drought continues[2007-01-25]
·Dry weather not to affect Beijing's water supply during Olympics[2007-01-25]
·Beijing to conserve more water[2007-01-24]
·Beijing to regularly release water quality report[2007-01-20]
·Water-saving activists awarded (photos attached)[2006-10-27]
·Beijing to gather more rainwater[2006-08-29]
·Yangtze River water to 'flow' into Beijing[2006-06-30]
·Beijing moat retrieves waterscape (photo attached)[2006-06-23]
A blue sky
• Beijing steel giant to run at minimum level during 2008 Olympics[2007-03-11]
• Air quality in Beijing has improved in the past six years[2007-02-01]
• Neighbors to help tidy up Beijing's air[2007-01-25]
• Beijing to tackle vehicle emissions, expect 245 blue sky days in 2007[2007-01-24]
• Beijing sets ambitious goal of air quality control for 2007[2007-01-16]
• Beijing's SO2, COD emissions drop in 2006[2007-01-12]
• Beijing sees first 'blue sky' day after New Year [2007-01-07]
• Beijing sets ambitious 'blue sky' target for 2007[2007-01-02]
• Beijing meets air quality improvement target[2006-12-25]
• Beijing fulfils 'blue sky' target ahead of schedule[2006-12-25]
• Summer rain lifts Beijing's hope of reaching 'blue sky' goal[2006-11-02]
• Improving air quality a regional issue[2006-10-25]
Future generation
·Water-saving activists awarded (photos attached)[2006-10-27]
·Beijing school children taught to save water (photos attached)[2006-05-11]
·Environment protection-theme movie wins 13th Beijing Student Film Festival[2006-04-30]
·Chinese school children encouraged to paint Olympics (photos attached)(1)[2006-04-25]
·TV contest to involve Beijing students in environmental protection (photos attached)[2006-04-02]
·'Green Dreams,Colourful Olympics' Painting Contest Opens (Photos attached)[2005-06-12]
·Beijing Sets Standards for Nation's Environmental Rules[2004-12-29]
·Beijing Sets up Education Society for Sustainable Development[2004-08-04]
Special reports

September 16: The Ozone Day of 2006
Picture-book of 'Green Dreams Colorful Olympics' (2005)

Student's DV works

"A Nightmare of Garbage"
"A Question Concerning the Green Olympics"
"The Observer of Lashi Lake"
"The Young Promoter of Green"
"The Messenger of Clean Water"
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